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Lab Asset Manager Launches LabDesk Software

Keeping track of an evolving inventory containing hundreds – often thousands -- of pieces of lab equipment is an enormous and complex responsibility with financial and legal implications.

Unlike the many generic “inventory control” software options on the market today, LabDesk™ integrated software is specific to the life sciences industry, and is built to evolve and flex with an organization's needs. The software’s architecture makes possible the seamless integration of data with ERP sources such as SAP. The software fills basic needs like asset tracking from acquisition to end-of-life, and offers built-in efficiencies like equipment service scheduling and custom reporting.

One of LabDesk's standout features is a robust “roles and responsibilities” module that allows administrators to specify access limitations and functionality for users company-wide. The software can immediately be deployed enterprise-wide, providing an instant productivity boost and communications link between team members.

LabDesk doesn't stop there - an additional module makes equipment requisition a seamless and efficient experience. It also provides the capability ofmanaging surplus equipment with a click of a button. Buy and sell surplus equipment within the LabDesk community and to third party vendors, or repurpose assets within your own organization

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