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Take Control of Your Capital Assets


LabDesk is an easy-to-use cloud-based software application that integrates asset management, inventory control, purchase requisitions, work order management, service history tracking, and reporting to make your workflow more efficient and transparent across all departments.


1)  Integrates with existing software to create asset tracking on a single platform.


2)  Streamlines communication across all departments with customized workflow and notifications.


3)  Keeps track of warranties and maintenance contracts.  Never forget another maintenance appointment.

Intuitive User Interface

An easy-to-use  interface ensures a low learning curve for your employees.  LabDesk allows you and your team to get started immediately and work seamlessly without extensive training.

Maximize Equipment ROI

Maximize the value of your capital assets by properly tracking and managing preventative maintenance.  Minimize repair costs, avoid downtime, follow through on deliverables, and extend the life of your equipment.

Data at Your Fingertips

Maintain one central view of your equipment records across departments, in real time.  Foster effective communication, coordinate workflows and provide job-specific views for each team member.

Customizable Workflow

Define custom roles and assign privileges to each individual.  Create distinct groups within your organization and assign approval threshholds.

Service History Tracking

Keep track of all your service records in one location.  Work orders, service reports, costs and notes are all located in one convenient and easy-to-find location.

Surplus Marketplace

Buy and sell surplus equipment to organizations within the LabDesk community and to third party vendors, or repurpose assets within your own organization.

LabDesk is designed to work with your company's unique workflow and business rules while providing a coordinated set of services, reliable data management and full transparency across departments.

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