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Management Team

Anggie Becorest

Managing Partner

Anggie Becorest has been a leader in the life sciences industry for over 24 years. As a research scientist through all phases of the drug discovery process, she understands first-hand the needs and solutions of our clients. Her passion for efficiency and streamlining processes has given her the unique opportunity to work with many clients on all projects including lab setup, logistics and fulfillment, equipment relocation, instrument service, and software development. She continues to be chosen as part of leadership teams that build and grow operational infrastructure. Anggie earned her BS in Cell Biology in Biochemistry from UCSD.

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Suzanne Martinez, MBA, PMP

Managing Partner

Suzanne Martinez is a PMP certified project manager with over 9 years of managing a diverse set of 


projects in the environmental, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical research industries. Projects 


include software development and implementation, environmental testing, office design and permitting, 


product development, logistics coordination and management, and company relocations.  She is 


a highly efficient, resourceful manager that excels at cross-functional team leadership. She has held 


positions in the laboratory, sales, marketing, and operations which give her key insight into business 


processes. In addition, she obtained her BA in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of 


California, Berkeley and her Master in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.

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Arlen Greer

Senior Software Engineer

Arlen Greer is a skilled software engineer and application developer with a talent for Extranets and facilitating workflows across multi-user dynamic systems. Arlen’s strengths include the ability to explain technology comprehensibly and to carefully listen to a client’s needs, incorporating these into generated work product at all stages of the development cycle. Arlen has taken key roles as both an owner and a lead software engineer for the past quarter century, holding CTO positions for twenty of those years. To date, Arlen has helped to take four companies from their initial start-up phases to mezzanine-level, self-sustaining, revenue-generating enterprises.

Roswell Pund

Senior Service Engineer

Roswell Pund served as Technical Site Manager Service Engineer at Biogen Idec's San Diego campus, where he managed over 1000 laboratory instruments.  He personally performed preventive and corrective work on most of the HPLCs, LCMSs, GCMSs and FPLCs on the site.  Over his career he has gained expertise in a wide range of laboratory equipment including mass spec and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry.

He has managed the neutron generator laboratory at San Diego State University, where he was Adjunct Professor of Physics.  Pund worked for many years in the area of large-scale research and industrial particle accelerators as Senior Irradiator Systems Engineer and Radiation Safety Officer at Ion Beam Applications. He has also worked at Pfizer, Sterigenics International, Nicolet Imaging Systems, and General Atomics.

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